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Park Hill Media was created in November 2004 with the goal of bringing affordable web design to the mainstream market. A small group of talented individuals, who just happened to be good friends as well, came together to establish the company. We have been doing graphics and coding since the mid 90's and have watched the internet change and grow since that time. After the years of experience working for other companies, we were ready to establish our own company of web design experts. We wanted to offer our clients professional and customized solutions that would suit their specific business needs at reasonable rates.

Whether a client is a large established brand or a small start-up business, we work closely with them to ensure that their unique goals are met. When a business decides that they need to represent themselves online, they need a property created that will welcome potential clients properly. They need a website that will reflect the unique image of that business. That is why our goal is to make your website stand out while maintaining intuitive navigation and proper functionality.

We take our work very seriously and seek to build long lasting relationships with our customers. Our dedication to client success is what fuels our creativity, and allows us to produce clean website designs with such attractive style that they will be remembered by all who visit. The professional and creative web designs that we produce are all well received, because we take great pride in whatever unique creations we develop.

We are experts in web design and development, Content Management Systems, e-Commerce web design, coding and graphic design. However, what separates us from the competition is our unique ability to properly balance technology with creativity. Taking customer satisfaction and success quite seriously has also been a staple of Park Hill Media. Our dedication, skill and vision is what took us this far, and it is what will continue to drive our success and the success of our valued clients.