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Web Design Pricing

When looking for any type of product or service, a consumer wants to ensure that they are getting the highest quality for the lowest possible price. As a service provider, we are committed to offering the highest quality service, at the lowest possible price. That means that we have a dedication to artistic beauty and practical function when we build any website, as well as the respect for our clients' investment.

While we offer solutions for all levels, from personal websites and small business websites, to large corporate clients, our design quality remains a constant. We give the same care and attention to detail in a design for a small business as we do for a large company. The charges for our creative graphic designs are just one small part of a larger picture, and we base our pricing on the totality of the work that we are commissioned to do.


Buying a website does not have to be a large investment

Depending on the needs of your website, the cost will vary.

If you are looking for something simplistic, just as a presence on the web with no interactive features or complicated coding, the cost will be minimum.

If you need a complicated custom solution, something that has a great deal of unique features and custom functionality, the cost will rise based on the needs.

It really is just that simple, the more work hours a design takes, the higher the price quote. Once we are able to talk with you and determine what you want and need, we can give you an accurate quote based upon that information. With so many choices in building languages, content management systems and extensions, there are far too many options to consider. The bottom line is that different web design customers have unique needs and desires, and they must be worked into an outline before a cost can be determined.


Affordable Web Design a Reality

Park Hill media will create an attractive, and professional website for you or your company, at prices that are very reasonable. We are proud to say that you simply cannot find a web design company with a more creative, professional and experienced staff, at the same affordable rates. When you are ready to make the move into the online market, trust us to help you succeed there.

To request a free quote on your web design project, you can contact us however you like.

You can:

  • call us at: (646) 504-5628

  • email us at: [email protected]

  • Skype us at: parkhillmedia

  • visit our contact page

Please be as descriptive as possible in order to receive an accurate quote.

Our web design company is totally committed to your success, because when you succeed online, we succeed as well.